Social media is a cheap and effective way of reaching out to club members and the running community, sharing information and ideas with members and others. All messages should be treated as public, and are open to responses from people with different views and agendas. Sometimes this can be positive, but it can also result in unwelcome criticism. 

Unlike a telephone conversation or email, it is a broadcast medium - messages are likely to be viewed by a wider range of people than just the intended recipient.  There is no delete. Even if you delete something from a social media site, it’s likely that other people will have already seen it; eg. on their mobile phone. Someone may already have posted it elsewhere online, or shared it with their friends. 

Using Social Media is no different from talking loudly in a public place: you can expect other people to hear what you are saying, including some who like to gossip!  Praise and criticism can have a positive impact and both can be healthy ways of helping the club move forward. However, criticism is not best dealt with through social media.  A quiet personal conversation can be more effective or, when more appropriate, the LRR committee can be approached.

While adopting an informal style, the LRR Facebook accounts should: 

  • treat all individuals with respect. 
  • not be used to criticise members, other individuals or organisations, even if invited to.  LRR reserves the right to remove any comments on the LRR Facebook pages that are disrespectful or critical of individuals or organisations.
  • Some useful dos and don’ts: 
  • Do try to make timely and relevant comments that you think other people will be interested in. 
  • Do take a moment to think before you respond to a comment – comments once made, leave a digital footprint for ever. 
  • Do be aware of the privacy settings on the site you are using. 
  • Do include photos and web links to help make your points. 
  • Don’t “share” anything you do not know to be true.
  • Don’t comment in haste, particularly when you are angry. 
  • Don’t post comments that you would not be prepared to make on paper or face-to-face.
  • Don’t give out personal details such as your address or phone number.