The aim of the club is to promote road and cross country running.
Membership is open to runners aged 18 years and over who wish to train for and/or participate in road and cross country running.
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in February of each year.
The club will be run by a committee, comprising Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer/Membership Secretary and up to 7 others all of whom shall be elected at the AGM. 
After the Chairman, Treasurer/Membership Secretary or Secretary has served three years in any one post they shall automatically stand down and may only seek re-election to that post if no other nomination for that post is received.  Only members who have been on the committee for at least a year can be elected to the position of Treasurer, Chairman or Secretary.  After any other committee members have served two years they shall automatically stand down and may only seek re-election if no other nomination for that post is received.
A quorum of 4 is needed for committee meetings. 
Notice of the AGM will be given to members at least one month in advance and nominations for the Committee should be received, in writing, by the secretary two weeks in advance.  
Notice of an EGM will be given to members at last two weeks in advance.
Members will pay an annual subscription, agreed at the AGM the previous year, by the 1st April or membership lapses. 
Any members bringing the club into disrepute will be asked to meet the committee to explain their behaviour.  In extreme cases the offender might be asked to resign their membership.
The Committee shall control the finances, which shall be used solely for the furtherance of the aims of the club.
Club Bank Accounts will be held and the Committee will determine their nature and location.
The signatures of any two of the Club Officers shall be required to withdraw any monies from the accounts.
The accounts shall be audited by an auditor and presented to the Membership at the Annual General Meeting.  
In the event of the dissolution of the Club, the Committee shall realise the property and the assets, call in all monies due and, after discharge of all liabilities where possible, hand any surplus to such charities as shall be determined by the Annual General Meeting, or Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose.
The Constitution shall only be changed by a resolution submitted in writing to the Committee at least 14 days prior to an Annual General Meeting.  No addition, alteration, or amendment shall take effect unless sanctioned by a two-thirds majority of the Members voting thereon

Lowestoft Road Runners - Rules

  1. The club shall be known as Lowestoft Road Runners.
  2. The club colours shall be a blue vest with two horizontal yellow bands on the chest.  
  3. Legwear shall be shorts, 3/4's, tights or any other suitable attire in black, blue or yellow or any combination thereof.  
  4. Members are expected to wear a Club vest when racing in all competitions, including cross country and club championships.  The only exception to this is when running for a charity and wearing the charity’s vest in place of a club vest.  
  5. The club shall comply with UK Athletics rules.  
  6. All members shall conduct themselves in a sportsperson like manner and be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  7. A committee of up to ten members shall be formed to undertake the administration of the club.
  8. An AGM will be held in February each year and shall include the election of the committee. A quorum of 12 members is required for the AGM to be effective
  9. For any EGM that is called a quorum of six members is required for it to be effective.
  10. Every member shall pay to the club an annual subscription fee, the amount of which shall be decided at the club AGM.  The subscription year shall end 31st March each year.
  11. There shall be four grades of membership: -
    1. Associate membership (for non competing members) the fee for which shall be 50% of the standard membership fee.
    2. Concessionary membership (for full time students, unemployed, British Armed Forces and over 65's competing members) the fee for which shall be 50% of the standard membership fee.
    3. Honorary membership for which there will be no fee. Any honorary member who wishes to be eligible for affiliated entry to races is at their own discretion.
    4. Standard membership fee for all other members.
  12. Lowestoft Road Runners is eligible to a club place, or places, in the London Marathon.  Members need to fulfil these following conditions to be eligible for our club draw:
    1. They must have been a fully paid member at the time of entering the ballot of the London Marathon
    2. They must keep the rejection slip or email and provide it to the club secretary
    3. They must not have received the club place(s) for the previous year If successful in the draw and receive a club place for the London Marathon members must pay the following years membership before receiving the club place.