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Lowestoft Park Run Pacing

Neil Bye

18 Aug 2018

LRR set the pace at Lowestoft Park Run

Lowestoft Road Runners did themselves proud this weekend by giving back to the community, starting bright and early at the Lowestoft parkrun by helping to 'pace' the event. A Lowestoft Road Runner each had a high visibility vest on, with a number which represented the time they aimed to finish the 5km route in, ranging from 19 minutes up to 35 minutes.. This gave participants a target and a volunteer to follow to help them achieve their goal. The event saw a record attendance of 380 runners and a massive 98 of those runners achieved personal bests with the help from the club. Event director Rob Fawcett said he heard nothing but praise from participants who couldn't thank the club enough for them helping to achieve times they have been chasing for a while. He looks forward to the club pacing the event again on the 27th October, Parkrun Lowestoft's 3rd Birthday.

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