Leathes Prior Grand Prix Series 2017 - JUST ANNOUNCED!

Here are the ten races selected to form the Grand Prix (GP) Series in 2017:

29 January - Freethorpe Ten
19 February - Valentine 10k
26 March - Wymondham 20m
7 May - Dereham 10m
24 May - Great Yarmouth 5m
14 June - Wroxham 5k
2 July - Humpty Dumpty 10k
28 July - Worstead 5m
15 October - East Coast 10k
29 October - Holt 10k

At every GP race the winner in each age group scores 100 GP points, second place scores 99 GP points and so on. And points make prizes!

For Lowestoft Road Runner, two bespoke raceswill be added into the points system: Scores and a dedicated Lowestoft Parkrun (date to follow). 

The final standings will count your best seven performances from any of the ten GP races in this year's series. You don't need to do a minimum of seven races to count in the final Series standings but it's clearly a good idea to do as many as possible.

At the end of each season the Series winners receive their awards at the Night of Celebrations.

Check out the Race Calendar now for more information...