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Club Standards

Each calendar year athletes can aim to meet a club standard and receive an award for their achievement.​

Times are calculated using the World Standard-Times published in the Age Grading Tables and the relevant age factors for the respective age categories.

All members can aim for Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Tungsten (new award from 2021) club standard, the times are set at the following for all distances for the relevant age category and gender.

Submit your race times for  3 different distances to the club secretary or email

Alternatively, you can submit your qualifying times after the event to the club secretary or email

Please confirm which age category you are in and which club standard you have achieved.

If you have already received a club standard then you are not eligible for another one until you either go up a grading (Tungsten > Bronze, Diamond > Platinum etc) or go up age group. 

If you need help finding results you can use either below link as this will show all races you have taken part in and your times.

The times needed for each standard/age category/gender can be found on the PDF link.

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