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Brighton, Norwich & Lowestoft

Donna Coleman

9 Apr 2017

Brighton, Norwich and Lowestoft. Race Report - 9th April

Making the most of the sunshine twenty seven members of Lowestoft Road Runners raced at three different events on Sunday 9th April.
Twenty members ran among 118 at the Lowestoft Promenade dash, a fast 5 mile route along the South Beach. This event lead to a prize-winning extravaganza for the Road Runners including Katy Oldman, first lady home with a time of 35:41and Tracy Prewer second lady to finish in 36:31 completing the winning ladies team and also winning her age group was fourth place lady Natasha Korovilas in 38:25 Keeping the prizes coming in for the ladies age group wins followed for Marie Ayers and Vanessa May in 52nd and 70th place respectively with times of 41:28 and 43:39.
The prizes didn't stop there with the men's team prize also being won by Tom Galley, John Jervis and Jonathan Meadows.
Vivien Saunders celebrated her birthday by running the promenade dash in 44:47.
Full results from Lowestoft Road Runners are as follows: 5th John Jervis 31:26, 8th Tom Galley, 10th Jonathan Meadows 32:41, Leigh Butcher 11th 33:11, 12th Tom Spalding 33:20, 21st Katy Oldman 35:41, 24th Lee Gooderham 36:01, 25th Allan Ing 36:08, 27th Tracy Prewer 36:31, 29th Shaun Kay 37:14, 34th Natasha Korovilas 38:25, 52nd Marie Ayers 41:28, 53rd Philip Ayers 41:28, 54th Steph Strowger 41:32, 57th Florence Ashdown 42:07, 66th Debra Kay 43:17, 70th Vanessa May 43:39, 71st Emma Garrard 43:53, 74th David Smith 44:18, 79th Vivien Saunders 44:47, 104th Sharon Firman 50:42.
At the Norwich Half Marathon, Neil Bye, Ben "Bulldozer" Hodds and Phillip Laurier joined a field of 2015 at the City of Norwich Half Marathon. Neil finished in position 132 with a time of 1:37:07, Ben recorded a new personal best of 1:47:20, 338th place Phillip finished in 2:55:04 in 1952nd.
Aaron Shrimpton, Chris Haylock Vicki Grice and Matthew Reynolds ran Brighton Marathon in what was said to be very warm conditions which took its toll on all of them. Aaron finished in 3:43:52 in 1243rd place, Chris in 3:57:51, 1811th place Vicki finished in 4:24:26 in position 5347 (1237th lady) and Matthew finished in 4:43:24, 5639 of 20,604 finishers in total.

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