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Norwich 10k

Caroline Peek

23 Oct 2022

Large turn out for a Wet Norwich 10k

Sunday 23rd October saw the return of Run Norwich 10k after 3 years. And what a wet race it was ☔️💦- the rain started just as the race did and didn’t stop !

33 club members participated, some for first time, others achieving course records.

First home was Tom Galley in 36:15( Course PB) followed closely by Simon Cook in 36:55 (Course PB)
Followed by :
Leon Neeve 38:53
Matt Baldry 42:13
Dylan Neeve 43:09
James Crisp 45:09 (Course PB)
Paul Banks 45:49
Katy Oldman 45:53
Lee Phillips 46:55
Aaron Smart 47:08 (10k PB paced by Martin Farr)
Martin Farr 47:10
Kirsty Wheeler 50:30
Chris Woodcock 50:53 (10k PB)
Paul Mirgaux 50:58
Caroline Peek 51:48
Sharon Chatfield 53:37 (10k PB)
Harrison Page 53:49
Danny Ramsbottom 54:16
Flo Lyon 57:37
Lee Roth 58:10
Suzy Grant 58:48
Elliott Greenfield 58:59
Jamie Mordecai 59:26
Matthew Reynolds 59:38
Daniel Bullion 59:45
Liam Mullen 59:47
James Clarke 1:00:37 (10k PB)
Debbie Secret 1:01:29
Becky Palmer 1:02:25
Caroline Parnis 1:05:02
Darryl Ainslie 1:13:38
Chelsea Forwood 1:20:07
Phillip Laurier 1:26:14

Well done everyone and thank you to club members who came and cheered everyone on!

#teamlrr 💙💛💙

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